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More than 1,300 pages of Bellefonte's extraordinary history!

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"Bellefonte has a history. A proud noble history which we can well afford to pause a moment to study before starting on in ambitious haste to add more to the pages, already teeming with names and deeds that cast an illustrious halo o'er a finished century"

P Gray Meek, Democratic Watchman, 1895

July 4, 1841, at an Independence Day banquet held at the Pennsylvania Hotel on South Allegheny Street, members of the "Centre Guards" and the "Bellefonte Infantry" raised their glasses in toast to the following:
"Bellefonte - Those who know it best, love it most."

At the Bush House, West High Street, the evening of Feb. 2, 1888, former Governor Andrew Gregg Curtin, on the occasion of the dedication of the Bellefonte Iron Furnace, lifted his glass in toast and said:
"A staple product of Bellefonte - iron and Governors."

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