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Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument Dedication

Democratic Watchman June 1 1906, page 4


"Every arrangement is moving along smoothly to having everything in shape for the monument unveiling and dedication next Friday. The name plates pave been put in place on the front of the monument and from High street and the Diamond it presents a finished appearance. - The grounds have all been leveled up in the court house yard and the rubbish all cleared away.

The fountain, which has stood in front of the court house yard the past fifteen years or longer and given drink to many thirsty human beings so well as animals, was removed on Monday, as well as the two unsightly iron gaslight posts.     

Last Thursday evening Harry W. Lewis, of Pittsburg, a professional unveiler, was awarded the contract for unveiling the monument. He arrived in Bellefonte on Wednesday evening and with several assistants is hard at work placing the apparatus and veiling in shape for the dedication. His method is one of the most modern, as both the monument and Curtin statue will be unveiled by electricity. That is, an electric button will be placed at some convenient place which, when pressed will cause the veil to fall from the monument and a shower of flags to be thrown into the air.  The parade committee have so far completed their arrangements as to assure one of the biggest and best parades witnessed in Bellefonte in years. The work of all the other committees is going along smoothly so that there is every reason for the prediction that w hen the big day arrives there will not be a hitch of any kind to mar the proceedings.

In today's Watchman we give a very accurate picture of the monument as it looks completed, made from a photograph taken on Tuesday afternoon. It is both of Baire granite and is semi-circular in shape, being fifty-four feet from end to end, twenty-eight feet deep and eleven feet high. At either end are large bronze panels representing "War" and "Peace". The monument contains twenty bronze panels on which will be inscribed, in raised letters, the names of almost thirty-eight hundred soldiers.

The Curtin statue in the centre is eighteen feet in height, including an eleven foot pedestal and a nine foot figure of the "Old War Governor."  On each of the four sides of the pedestal is a bronze tablet.  The one in front bearing the inscription, the other three depicting various historical incidents in Governor Curtin's life.

Miss Margaret Burnett, a granddaughter of ex-Governor Curtin, has been chosen as the one to unveil the Curtin statue and Miss Helen M. Fox, a daughter of the late Joseph Fox, has been chosen to unveil the soldiers' monument.

In order that all may know just what will take place next Friday we republish the full program for that day as well as the list of those who will have charge of the parade, either as marshals or aides.


1:30 p m - General meeting.
Singing - "America," by the pupils of the public schools
Invocation - Rev. H. C. Holloway, D. D.
Introductory Address - Gen. James A. Beaver presiding.
Presentation of the Curtin Statue on behalf of the State Com mission - Hon. Samuel W. Pennepacker, Governor of Pennsylvania, chairman of the Commission.
Reception on behalf of the Courtly Commissioners - Hon. Wm. C Heinie,
Presentation of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument on behalf of the contributors and people of Centre County - Hon. John G. Love
Reception on behalf of the County Commissioners - Col. J, L. Spangler.
Singing - "The Star Spangled Banner," by the schools
Address - "The Life and Character of Hon. Andrew Gregg Curtin," Hon. Alexander K. McClure, of Philadelphia.
Tribute to Gov. Curtin on behalf of the Soldiers' Orphans - Jacob A. Cramm, of Harrisburg.
Address - "The American Private Soldier," Gen. Thomas J. Stewart, Pennsylvania Adjutant General of  Pennsylvania
Singing - "We are Tenting on the Old Camp Grounds Tonight," by the schools.
Benediction - Rev. Father McArdle.


Gen. John I. Curtin, Chief Marshall
Capt. Hugh S. Taylor, Chief of Staff


John Shigert, Joseph L. Montgomery, William Conley, George R. Meek, John Blanchard, Dr. Joseph Brockerhoff, John Curtin, John Bullock, Hugh Crider, Harold Lingle, Kline Woodring, W Miles Walker, J S McCanger, A E Kimper, Maurice Jackson, W D Zerby, M J Jackson, S B Miller, D J Kelly, Chas. E Kurtz, D Paul Fortney.


Col. W Fred Reynolds, Marshall


Col. Austin Curtin, Marshall


Capt S H Williams


Capt Henry C Quigley, Marshall


Hammon Sechley, Marshall


Thomas Beaver, Marshall


B Laird Curtin, J Harris Hoy, F Walker Larimer, Frank Wallace, Geo. B Thompson, Geo. A Beezer, Dr Delann Stewart

Centre Hall, Geo. N Bond, W Gross Mingle, David Brisbin
Howard, Henry Holter, Howard Moore, Fred Leathers.
Milesburg, L T Eddy, Oscar Miles,
Millheim, W A Tobias, Mr. Wetzel, Pierce Musser
Philipsburg Boro., Capt. Fryberger, F K White, GeoW McGaffey, Geo. W Zeigler, Chas. G. Avery.
State, College Boro., Dr. X, P D Foster, I C Holmes, John Stuart, R M Foster.
Unionville Boro., Dr. Russell, E Holzworth, P J McDonnell
Benner Twp., J Harris Hoy, Harry Zimmerman,
Boggs Twp., Laird Curtin, Frank Wallace,
Burnside Twp.,
College Twp., Geo. Thompson, Jack Mitchell, W J Thompson
Curtin Twp., John A. Daley, Pletcher
Ferguson Twp., Dave Miller.
Gregg Twp., Samuel Ulrich, Isaac Smith, Wm. P Allison, John Smith.
Haines Twp.
Halfmoon Twp., Frank Clemson
Harris Twp., Wm Stuart, Geo Fisher.
Howard Twp., J R Pheasant, A M Butler.
Huston Twp., Budd Thompson
Liberty Twp., Capt. Quigley.
Marion Twp., Capt. S H Bennison
Miles Twp., Henry Meyer.
Patton, Demp Meek.
Penn Twp., W F Smith, A P Zerby
Potter Twp., D L Kerr, Alex McCoy.
Rush Twp., Lawrence Brown, John Callahan, Fred Smith.
Snow Shoe, John G Uzzle, M D Kelley, T D Buddinger.
Spring Twp., A V Miller, Wm Noll, John Rote.
Taylor Twp., Christ Sharrer.
Union Twp. Geo. Hall.
Walker Twp., Boyd Emerick, Andy Kreamer.
Worth Twp., Dr. Thompson.

The parties selected in the above districts in the county will report by letter to the Chief Marshall, General John I. Curtin at Bellefonte, Pa., as soon as possible any information that will be beneficial or advance the interests of the exercises during the dedication of the monument.

Later other name, will be added in the several districts and instructions sent to all by the Chief Marshall.

Chief Marshall


It is very much desired by the exercise committee that all old soldiers, whether members of the G. A. R. or not, join in the parade on the day of dedication of the soldiers' monument on June 8th. The headquarter, of the marshall for the veterans will be at the post rooms, where all information or anything else in regard to that part of the parade will be given.

All soldiers will please report there on their arrival it town. Dinners will be served to all visiting comrades when the parade is dismissed.  Carriages will be provided for all those unable to march, but as the route of march is short it is expected that all those able to march will do so. Head of column will move promptly at 10:30 o'clock.

AUSTIN CURTIN Marshall of Veterans


The Pennsylvania Railroad will sell tickets to the dedication of the Curtin statue and soldiers monument at Bellefonte, June 8th, 1906, at one and one--thud fare for the round trip, advances to end in "0" or "5". Tickets good going from the 5th to the 8th inclusive and returning to and including the 11th. Those rates to be good with in a radius of 100 miles from Bellefonte, Pa.

Below we print an accurate list of the Revolutionary Soldiers of Centre county compiled by Mrs. Harry C Valentine of Curtin street, after several years of patient effort to complete same, and thus the County has an invaluable contribution for the Soldiers' Monument soon to be dedicated. Without this the record for our county would have remained incomplete for all time from sheer neglect to preserve names and data as regards two-thirds of the names contained in Mrs. Valentine's carefully compiled roster. To accomplish this the lady was obliged to enter into much research and correspondence, which perhaps no one would have undertaken without liberal recompense and a befitting acknowledgement would be proper in this instance. The descendants of Revolutionary soldiers of this county will appreciate the successful work of the lady, and to her kindness the Centre Democrat is indebted for copy for publication.

Archibald Allison, Matthew Allison, Thomas Askey, Philip Barnbart, David Barr, Lawrence Bathurst, Philip Benner,  Anthony Bierly,  John Boggs, Daniel Boileau, John Brady, Jacob Brower, Peter Bruner, Jacob Brusus, Benjamin Carson, Elijah Chambers, James Cooke, Henry Dale, Daniel David, Joseph Davis, J. Philip DeHass, Philip Denny, James Dougherty, John Douglass, John Duck, James Dunlop,
John Elder, Henry Farbow, Robert Fleming, Peter Florey, John Frederick, Ludwig Friedly, Christian Gast, John Garrison, John Glenn, John Goheen, John Graybill, Andrew Gregg, Henry Greninger, Richard Gunsalus, John Hall, Christopher Henry, William Hinton, John Molt, Thomas Holt, Peter Hosterman, Samuel Howe, Andrew Hunter, James Huston, Andrew Jack, Michael Jack, John Jones, Jacob Keith, Jacob Keller, John Kells, William Kelly, John Kryder, Marion Lamar, David Lamb, William Lee, Mango Lindsay,  Daniel Livingstone, William Long, Andrew Lytle, John McCammon, Charles McCain, John McCain, John McConnel, John McCormick, Henry MeEwen, James McFarlane, John McMillan, William Mason,  John Maradea, George Meek, Henry Meyer, Philip Meyer, Rishard Miles, Samuel Miles, Christian Miller, Jacob Miller, Robert Moody, David Nelson, John Patton (Col.), John Patton, Anthony Peters,   Tobias Pickle, James Power, Edward Quigley, Jacob Bahl, John F. Ream, Conrad Reemy, John Christian Reese, Michael Rhone, Evan Russell, John A Shaeffer, Henry Simler, Nicholas Shacefelt, Jacob Shedarre, Jeremiah Shiner, Gideon Smith, George Christian Spangler, Valentine Stover, William Stover, Adam Sunday, Absolom Tims, John Turner, Simon Vaughn, Thomas Van Doren, Daniel Waggoner, Isaac Wall, David Weber, Samuel Weber, Cornelius Welch, Philip Werner, Joseph White, Charles Wilson,  Joshua Williams, Robert Young

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